Rex London Worry Dolls Self Affirmation assorti

Personal worry dolls (approx. 3.5 cm). There is a story that when the Mayan people of Guatemala have worries, they tell them to Worry dolls and then put these under their pillow at night. By morning, the Worry dolls have taken all the worries away.
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  • Each doll is handmade in Guatemala
  • There are six varieties for different types of self-affirmations:
    • I'm Beautiful!
    • I'm Capable!
    • I'm Fearless!
    • I'm Grateful!
    • I'm Loved!
    • I'm Strong!

Please note:

  • These dolls are not suitable for children under 3 years.
  • Due to being handmade, colours and sizes may vary.
  • These are sold in a wooden display box containing 60 pieces. All six varieties are included.
Product Materials: Worry Doll: 100 Cotton Thread, Tissue Paper, Natural Fibre (Cibaque)
Packaging Material: Backing Card: Card (Commonly Recyclable)
Product dimensions: Width: .5cm, Length: 2.5cm, Height: 3.5cm, Weight: .2g
Packaged dimensions: Width: 3.5cm, Length: 7.3cm, Height: .7cm, Weight: 2g